After-School Extra Help, Activities & Transportation

Helpful information about Extra Help and After-School Clubs.

All clubs, extra-help, and other activities are now offered on site. 

Extra Help:

  • Extra help will be offered on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 2:50 PM - 3:25 PM. 
  • Student's are not required to make an appointment. 
  • When extra help is over, students will be given a blue pass permitting them to either walk home, get picked up, or take the late bus. Please see Transportation details below for bus information. 

After-School Clubs:

  • Afterschool clubs provide a great chance for students to connect socially- outside of the classroom!
  • An updated list of after-school clubs being offered can be found on the club brochure.

Transportation for After-School:

  • A late bus will be available at 4:15 PM. Students waiting for a bus will be accompanied by a staff member until the bus arrives. For more information about what late bus your child rides, please refer to Parent Portal and click "More" and then click the "Transportation" tab. 
  • If your child forgets what number late bus they need to take home after attending extra help or an after-school club, there will be a late bus listing available in each classroom.
  • The late bus runs are different than the regular school day bus runs and may stop at a different bus stop near your home. If you need to see what bus stop is best for your child to exit the bus, please click here.

If you have any questions, please contact the main office or your child's guidance counselor.