Book of the Month

  • October

    The Hunt by Andrew Fukuda 

    Gene has been passing as a vampire for years, carefully following every rule. Don’t sweat. Don’t laugh. Don’t draw attention to yourself.  But when he is chosen to participate in the hunt for the last remaining humans among ruthless vampires, he must do everything he can to stop them from discovering his true nature. 

    Horror & Suspense 

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  • September

    The Miscalculations of Lightning Girl by Stacy McAnulty

    Lucy Callahan was struck by lightning when she was 7 and is now a genius-level math whiz.  After being home schooled since the incident 4 years ago, Lucy feels ready to go to college.  But her Nana has a different plan for her...middle school.  If she wants to enroll in college, Lucy must complete Nana's four requirements: go to 7th grade for 1 year, make 1 friend, join 1 activity, and read 1 book that is not a math textbook.  Can Lucy make it through the year?

    Realistic Fiction



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  • June/July

    Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow by Jessica Townsend

    Morrigan Crow is cursed.  Born on the wrong day of the year, she is supposed to die on her 11th birthday.  But a mysterious stranger named Jupiter North shows up one day and whisks her off to a magical city called Nevermoor.  Once there, she finds that her savior is part of a secret group known as the Wundrous Society, which holds a competition ever year to recruit new members.  Morrigan has been chosen to enter this competition, where she must complete four difficult and potentially deadly trials to earn her place and remain in the safety of this new, strange place.  If she fails, she will be returned home to face her own doom. 


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  • August

    Freedom Trials by Meredith Tate

    Evelyn Summers is imprisoned for a crime that was wiped from her memory.

    In order for Evelyn to be released, she―along with other “reformed” prisoners―must pass seven mental, physical, and virtual challenges known as the Freedom Trials. One mistake means execution and, with her history of being a snitch, her fellow inmates will do everything they can to get revenge.

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