23.24 Team ZEST Welcome Letter - 6th

Team ZEST Welcome Letter

Summer 2023


Noun:    great enthusiasm and energy                                         



Dear Incoming 6th Grader,

Welcome to Team ZEST! 

Ms. Dillon will be teaching ELA and social studies, and Ms. Faulkner will be teaching math and science. 

We are delighted to have you on our team and to journey through this year together.  This can be such an exciting and enjoyable time in your academic career, while at the same time, it is very normal to feel a bit nervous.  We look forward to being right there with you to support you through challenges, celebrate your successes, help you navigate curriculum and new demands, and encourage you to make new friendships that could last a lifetime. 

In preparation for your first year at John Jay Middle School, we have enclosed a list of supplies you will need for your classes.  Some of these supplies will be collected from you during the first week of school, and others may be part of your everyday materials brought to and from school.  You may wish to come to school in late August after you receive your locker combination, so you can keep your supplies in your locker until your teachers request them.  Having your supplies by the end of the first week of school is a good goal for the beginning of the year.

We encourage you to bring your zest to JJMS and look forward to a positive year together!  Until then, enjoy the remaining days of summer!


Ms. Dillon (Team Leader)

Mrs. Keith

Ms. Faulkner

2022-2023- John Jay Middle School  - Grade 6 School Supply List