School-Issued Device Assistance

WHAT IF I.....

Forgot my device:

  • Go to the Library to borrow one for the day.

Broke my iPad:

  • Go to the Technology room located near the dining room.

Lost my iPad:

  • Report your lost device to the Technology department and they will provide you with the next steps. If you left your device on your bus, you could go to the main office and someone there can call Transportation to look for it. 

If you need a replacement power cable/brick/keyboard case, they will be available at the school store.

  • JJMS Wolf paw print Laptop/ iPad sleeve $12.00
  • JJMS Wolf paw print cord/ cable/brick pouch $3.00
  • iPad lightning cable 6 foot $5.00
  • Charging block for iPad $8.00
  • USBC cable for MacBook $10.00
  • Charging block for MacBook $10.00
  • Over ear headphones $10.00
  • Black Keyboard cases available to order (delivery in 3 days from time of order) $45.00

The school store is open every Tuesday during Homebase from 8-8:30 in the ACR.