23.24 Team TBD Welcome Letter- 7th

Team TBD Welcome Letter

Summer 2023

Dear Student(s) and Parent(s),

Welcome to seventh grade! We are looking forward to working with your child.  We hope seventh grade will be an engaging, positive experience for our students as we guide them through the seventh-grade curricula.  We are an energetic and dedicated team of teachers who will collaborate with each other and your child to ensure both academic success and social and emotional growth.

We have decided to let our students vote upon their return in September to determine our official team name!

To help your child fully reach his/her/they potential, please keep the following information on hand:

  • In addition to being posted in our classrooms, all assignments, assessments, and team events are posted through Schoology, which can be accessed at https://klschools.schoology.com/. Please help your child check homework postings nightly. 
  • We also recommend that your child and you periodically log into Schoology through your child’s credentials and review the latest feedback in the “Grades” section in order to help them keep updated on missing assignments and graded work.
  • And if you ever have any questions, please contact team teachers via e-mail:
  Team Name TBD  

Ms. Jodi Jeran                          (Co-Team Leader)



Ms. Alli Palmer



Ms. Suzanne Guziec



Ms. Kelsey Madonna

Social Studies


Ms. Greta Laffey                            (Co-Team Leader)

Special Education Teacher

Co-teach ELA/math


The seventh-grade supply list is posted on the school website under the “Students and Parents” tab. Please have your children bring their supplies in on the first day so that they can keep them in their locker for the year.  They only need bring one of their spiral notebooks and pen/pencil to team classes on the first day.

Again, we welcome your child and you to seventh grade and hope you had a happy and healthy summer vacation.


Jodi, Alli, Suzanne, Kelsey and Greta

2023-2024- John Jay Middle School  - Grade 7 School Supply List