Team Tapestry Welcome Letter- 6th

Team Tapestry Welcome Letter

Team Tapestry

Tapestry: wide variety of interwoven and diverse elements to create one unified image

Dear Team Tapestry Students and Parents,

We hope you are enjoying your summer! A new school year is right around the corner, and we understand that brings mixed feelings.  Hopefully, one of those feelings is excitement.  Having all experienced the challenges that come with distance learning many of us have learned how to be more resilient and flexible.  No matter what the fall brings, we understand these challenges, and those associated with transitioning to a new school.  Rest assured, we will be here to support you along the way.

As a sixth grader at John Jay Middle School, you will have many opportunities to grow, both as a person and an independent learner. On Team Tapestry, we see learning as an adventure, so plan on getting your hands dirty in science, debating world issues in social studies, growing as a mathematician, and exploring a wide variety of themes in ELA. One of our many goals to help you develop organizational and time management strategies as you navigate life at JJMS. Cultivating these life-long skills is as important as any curriculum we will teach.

As we write this letter, we are not sure what the beginning of the school year will look like.  If we are fortunate enough to be in the building on the first day of school, please only bring a few pencils, a notebook and a folder.  We will explain how to set up your binder and what to do with the rest of your supplies during our first week together.  As you know, you will each be receiving your own iPad to use during the year.  We ask that if you do not already own one, you purchase a fine point stylus to use with your device. There are many inexpensive options available, but please know that you will be using this for multiple years so an investment in a better one may be worth it.  

We are looking forward to getting to know each and every one of you in the coming school year. As well, we hope that each of you will make many enriching, vibrant, and colorful contributions to the TAPESTRY we will metaphorically create as a team.  Enjoy the rest of your vacation!  


Mr. Amdur

Mrs. Kellachan (Team Leader)

Mr. Weiss


Art Department

Welcome Back to School

Supply List

 Hello! We are getting ready to return to school after a long and different summer--we know you are as well. We would love for all of our incoming students (6, 7, 8) to have a sketchbook for class. This should be roughly 9 x 12”, and blank paper. With basic art supplies, the more you spend, the better the quality.

  • 9 x 12” Sketchbook- blank drawing paper, 50+ pages

Should we return in Distance Learning, we will require the following extra supplies:

  • 12 color set colored pencils
  • 1 set watercolors
  • 1 black sharpie
  • Pencil

These supplies, if purchased, can also be a great addition to a home art supply area.

Thank you so much! We are excited for the new school year to start and to meet your children,


Jean Capuano (6)

Kendra Collins (7)

Holly Kellogg (8)