2023 Summer Mailing Forms are now online

The KLSD Summer Mailing is a two-fold process this year:

Please use Campus Parent to update the Address Information, Demographic Information and Family Information for your child. Campus Parent data is automatically fed to the student system and updated in the Connect-Ed calling system. Please submit any Campus Parent updates by Wednesday, August 16th.

Final Forms will be used for completion of the summer mailing forms. Their Privacy Policy can be found here: Final Forms Privacy Policy. Final Forms is a registration platform that provides a user-friendly way to complete forms, and also helps us to be more administratively efficient and environmentally responsible. Please see the recent ConnectEd notification for more information about updating Campus Parent and using Final Forms.

The 2023-24 JJMS Final Forms program is found here:  Final Forms - JJMS

The downloadable forms are provided here should you prefer not to participate in Final Forms. You may scan and send the completed forms to summerjjms@klschools.org, or send them/drop them off in hard copy form. Please submit the completed forms by Wednesday, August 16th.