COVID Expectations and Precautions

Attendance: We will be taking attendance each period of the day and marking students present or absent whether they are attending in person or remotely. Students attending remotely need to have the camera on for attendance purposes.

Masks: It will be important for all JJMS community members that everyone always wears a mask which meets current CDC expectations . Some exceptions to this are lunch and mask breaks. Consider having students get used to this practice by having them wear a mask at home to ensure they have one that is comfortable for them to wear all day in school.

Classroom Cleaning: As students enter a classroom, they will wipe down their desk with wipes provided by the school. This will allow students to be confident that their space is clean before sitting at the desk for learning. Hand sanitizer will also be provided by the school in all locations throughout the day.

Social Distancing: We expect all community members to follow social distancing as often as possible when on the JJMS campus. Our classrooms are all set up with all student seating locations at least six feet from the next student and we have placed markings on the floor to easily reset the room between periods.  We have also created lanes in our hallways for traffic flow. Students will notice upon arriving to school, there are yellow marks on the sidewalks so that students can properly socially distance when waiting to enter the building.

Lunch: Students will eat their lunch in a classroom this year which will be supervised by a lunch monitor. Students will be expected to clean up their own desks following eating lunch.

This year we will be using a new system for ordering lunch. The district will be communicating this to families soon.

Grading: We will return to traditional grades this year. Please check the ABC Handbook for all grading breakdowns. Starting later in the year, grades will be available to parents to view online.

Devices: All students at JJMS will have a district-issued device this year. We ask that the chargers stay at home so that students can fully charge their devices each night. A properly charged device will be able to last the full day of school. We will, however, have charging cords in each room though students will not be able to charge their device and use it at the same time.

Lockers: Students will NOT be using lockers to start the school year. Please make sure that you child has a sturdy backpack with two straps which can fit all school supplies, student lunch, and technology. Rolling backpacks are not permitted as we have several sets of stairs in the building and they create a safety concern. Please refer to the Revised ABC Handbook for how to pack your child’s backpack.


All students are required to wear a mask on school transportation. Siblings or those who live in the same household will be required to sit next to each other. You will be able to access your child’s transportation information through the “transportation” tab on the Parent Porta. Please check the information carefully and get to the bus stop early this year! If you will be driving your child to school, please drop them off at the middle school in the upper parking lot. Please do not drop students off at the high school, the shopping center, or track and have them walk the rest of the way.

At the end of the day, all students should leave school on the buses unless they are being picked up or they are walking home. A written and *signed note from you is required for the following circumstances:

  • Your child is a permanent walker
  • Your child plans to walk on a specific day

*We do not accept telephone calls in lieu of written, pictures of hand-written notes or faxed notes. This year, please consider writing a note and then sending a picture of it via email so that we can print it at school.

Please email to send Notes to:

6th Grade: Janice Dobson

7th and 8th Grade: Amy DeCrenza