22.23 Team Affinity Welcome Letter-6th

Team Aspire Welcome Letter

Summer 2022


Affinity: a spontaneous or natural liking; sympathy for someone or something

Dear Team Affinity Student,

We hope you are enjoying your summer vacation! A new school year is right around the corner. It is understandable that your transition to John Jay Middle School might evoke a wide variety of emotions. We hope you join us as we prepare for the upcoming school year with a renewed sense of excitement!

Now that you are in sixth grade, you will have many opportunities to grow as both a person and an independent learner. On Team Affinity, we see learning as an adventure, so plan on getting your hands dirty in science, debating world issues in social studies, solving real world problems in math, and exploring adversity in ELA. One of our goals for you is to develop organizational and time management strategies to help you navigate life at JJMS and beyond. These life-long skills are as important as any curriculum we will teach.

You may have purchased school supplies through the PTO or collected them on your own. On the first day of school, please be sure to bring all the materials with you, and we will help you organize them.  We will provide you with additional information about what will stay in your locker, the classroom, and at home.

As you know, on the first day of school, you will each be receiving your own iPad to use during the year.  In addition, you will need headphones with a microphone to use with your iPad. Please bring your stylus and headphones with microphone to school with you on the first day. We are looking forward to seeing what our team can accomplish within the JJMS community and celebrating your successes in sixth grade.  Enjoy the rest of your summer!  


Mrs. Esterow

Mrs. Milne (Team Co-Leader)

Ms. O’Neil  (Team Co-Leader)

Mr. Peter Iannarelli

P.S.: Show us something you have an AFFINITY towards by taking a selfie that reveals a passion of yours.  Bring a printed copy of it on the first day of school to share!

2022-2023- John Jay Middle School  - Grade 6 School Supply List