6th Grade Meet & Greet

6th Grade Meet & Greet

Dear 6th Grade Families, 

 We hope that you have been enjoying your summer. We are excited to welcome your children to John Jay Middle School on August 31st for the 6th Grade Meet and Greet. As our Meet and Greet approaches, it is necessary for us to make some changes to our regular program to match the most updated guidance from the town and state. Unlike previous years, we have added an additional time for each team of students to attend - before the scheduled time of the event.  

 We feel the program outlined below will help us to accomplish two goals: 1) Having many 6th grade students in the building to familiarize themselves with their new surroundings while 2) not having too many people in the building at one time. 

 When students arrive, they will be greeted at the front entrance (on our front circle) and escorted to the 6th grade hallway for their program. Due to our concern about health and safety for all, only students and PTO volunteers will be allowed in the building for the event. We will have our front circle closed to cars for safety and we hope that you will visit the welcome table set up by our PTO to order some JJMS swag. You are also free to drop off your children and return at pickup time. 

 At the Meet and Greet, students will have the opportunity to meet some of the students in their classes, practice opening their locker, and have a tour of the building. Students should bring a water bottle as the temperature in August can be very hot. 

 We ask that your child attend either the time listed for their team (below) or during the 4:00PM-5:00PM time. Although students may be excited, we ask that students not attend both so that we can reduce the total number of people in the building at one time. Team information can be found in the Parent Portal. 










Team  Tenacity 

Team Tapestry 

Team Aspire 

Team Intrepid 

Team Atlas 

All Remaining students - ALL Teams 

Parents/Guardians: In past years, families have enjoyed helping their children set up lockers, take a tour of the building, walk the class schedule, etc. Below are the times we would like to invite families* to come in with their children. 

  • September 2: 3-4pm 
  • September 3: 10am-1pm 

* All visitors to the building, students and family members, must always wear a mask. 

See you soon! 

Mr. Swiatowicz, Ms. Bermiss, Dr. Laub