2019/20 Student Arrival & Departure Procedures

2019/20 Student Arrival & Departure Procedures

August 26, 2019 

Dear John Jay Community, 

The school district is excited to begin this year having both the middle and high schools on the same time schedule, including a later start time for middle school students. This important shift was made to support our students’ learning and well-being, consistent with research findings on the need for more sleep as a critical component of healthy adolescent development.  As with any change, we are doing our best to anticipate any potential challenges 

The plan below has been developed in collaboration with high school administration, district office and the district’s safety consultant. Student safety has been the number one priority in this planning.   

We appreciate your patience as we look at this complex transportation system which includes school buses, faculty, parents, and high school drivers. We encourage our families to give extra time in the morning. Please know that we will be monitoring the situation for any necessary adjustments.   


Arriving Buses: Buses will drop off middle school students first in front of the middle school and then drop off high school students at the back of the high school. To reduce congestion and increase time efficiency, we strongly encourage all students to take the bus both to and from school. 

Parent Dropoff: Parents who choose to drop students off at the middle school are directed to enter through the middle school entrance and then drop off in the upper parking lot. Signs will be posted for your assistance. A traffic monitor will be present each morning to assist with traffic flow. Drivers are asked to comply with the monitor’s direction in order to keep traffic flowing for students, staff and buses.  

High School students driving siblings to school: High school students who have been issued a parking permit to park at the high school may drive younger siblings to school. If driving a middle school sibling, we recommend that drop off occur at the same parking lot noted above for parents because it is closest to the middle school entrance. If your family is planning to have a high school student drive a younger sibling, please allow extra time to get to school as buses will be arriving between 7:50 and 8:00.  

We do not recommend that middle school students are dropped off in high school parking lots due to the distance from the middle school entrance and the anticipated volume of traffic in our lots and on our roads. We encourage families to talk to their children about the importance of using sidewalks on campus at every opportunity. 


Departing Buses: All buses will be parked between the schools in two lines facing the middle school. All departing buses will leave the campus by 3 p.m. sharp in order to complete both the middle school and high school drop off and arrive on time to the elementary schools for their dismissals. 

High School Students picking up siblings from the middle school: Parents may have their high school child pick up a sibling from JJMS after school. A signed note must be handed in by the middle school student the morning of the pickup. If this will be an everyday occurrence, please check the ABC Handbook for more information about notes. At dismissal, the high school driver will pull into the front circle at JJMS and the middle school sibling will get into the car. High school students must wait for all buses to clear the area (3 p.m.) before entering the circle. 

Please be advised that if a middle school student must leave school early (with parent permission) the younger sibling may not be driven home by the high school student with the parking permit, unless the high school student’s classes are completed for the day. 

Late buses: In support of the myriad after school activities offered at the middle school and high school, after school late buses are provided at 4:15 p.m. Students or parents can find their late bus route number on the portal by clicking on the transportation tab 

Late buses for middle school and high school students will be located outside the middle school cafeteria stretching to the back of the high school. 

A second late bus will be available to middle school and high school students at 5:15 p.m. The 5:15 p.m. bus will originate at the middle school to pick up middle school students. It will then come up campus and pick up high school students in the traffic circle in front of the high school’s main entrance. 

We thank you for your patience as we work through what we think is an important and positive change for our students. Please call the main office (914-763-7500) or transportation office (914-763-7231) if you have any questions or concerns. 

All the best, 

Jeffrey Swiatowicz 

Principal, John Jay Middle School